The holidays are over and it’s time to get back to business, a set schedule & stay focused for the amazing year ahead of you!

These curated packages were designed to take the stress out of “how to” be healthy and where to fit it into your daily routine!

Take a look and find the one that is right for YOU!


Mental Mood

Make your mindset a priority this year. Take January by storm with supplementation specific to calming the mind and increasing mental focus. Acupuncture and ear seeds help send you into a state of zen. Don’t worry, a follow-up appointment is included! Consistency is key, and mental health is no different.



Do you have good intentions for 2019, but don’t know where to start? Quit the guessing game and take a leap with this kickstarter package. You get a complete body composition analysis, as well as energy-boosting & weight loss specific supplements. Better yet, a follow up body comp reading is included to track all your progress! 


pain pain, go away

Treat your injury and inflammation naturally with a series of CBD-infused acupuncture and cupping sessions. Take home my favorite natural anti-inflammatory product for use between appointments to make sure that the pain not only goes away, but stays away!


Sleep soundly

Are all your goals, ideas and deadlines for the new year keeping you up at night? Quiet your thoughts with relaxation supplements and a cupping session to ensure deep and restful sleep. Be consistent & come back for a follow up, because beauty sleep is everything.