Holiday Packages

As we all know, the holidays are super stressful. To avoid feeling overwhelmed and under-appreciated, I have curated a few speciality packages for you and your loved ones to get through the holidays seamlessly, relaxed and in good spirits.

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Stress buster

Escape from the craziness of NYC‘s holiday crowds and insane checkout lines with some serious self-care. Treat yourself or a loved one to a completely zenned out acupuncture experience along with my top three supplements for alleviating stress levels and deescalating those holiday nerves.

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Immune booster

Stop your sniffles, relieve sinus pressure and clear up that heavy-headed brain fog with the immunity package. You will receive my three favorite immune boosting supplements as well as an acupuncture session, ending in fire cupping to really open up the lung fields, promote lymphatic drainage and loosen up those tense muscles from schlepping all over town.

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weight loss

Without a doubt the biggest complaint of the holiday season is the added weight that goes along with it. Prep yourself with the proper supplements, dietary guidelines and fat burning fuel to combat those extra pounds. But FIRST, get your complete Body Composition Analysis so you can track your successful slim down throughout the season and into 2019.

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Performance & recovery

Do you find yourself training multiple times a week but still not getting the results you sweat hard for and rightfully deserve? Come in for a complete Body Composition Analysis that reads your body fat percentage, cellular hydration ratios and inflammation levels. Treat your muscles to acupuncture + cupping. And walk away with with my top three performance enhancing supplements and a a sports-specific nutrition plan created with your goals in mind.