Flatiron Weight Loss

Whether you are looking to shed those extra pounds that tack on with the holidays, or have been struggling with weight and find yourself frequently yo-yo dieting, you need to find a weight loss method that is easy, enjoyable, and effective. For a successful weight loss program, look no further than Dr. Lana Wellness. Dr. Butner is leading naturopath and acupuncturist who will guide you through an individualized program to shed that weight, decrease inflammation and restore your vibrancy and energy. She uses herbs, botanical medicines, Chinese medicine, and specific nutrient and hormone therapy for balance and overall health. Her approach to weight loss consists of eating delicious organic foods, incorporating fitness and adopting stress reduction techniques. The latter plays an important part in our reaction to and relationship with stress and why so many people turn to food to assuage their stress.

Both naturopathic and Chinese medicines recognize that what we eat has a tremendous impact on our overall health. Processed foods tax our organs and make them work harder deprive us of the proper nutrition our bodies need to perform optimally and avoid illness. Many digestive disorders and other conditions are a direct result of poor or inadequate nutrition. As part of the weight loss program, Dr. Butner will analyze your digestive health and diet. Any nutritional deficiencies that she finds will be addressed with dietary alterations, nutrient supplementation, and digestive enzymes. Not only will you feel better, but your digestive system will work more efficiently. She works with each patient individually to custom make a diet that mirrors their lifestyle and health goals.

She believes in developing and following individualized dietary plan and setting attainable goals. The weight loss program also includes exercising, nutritional counseling, supplementation, and stress reduction techniques to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. When you work with Dr. Butner, you not only get a naturopathic doctor who is passionate about her work, but you also see the results of a healthy lifestyle. She sets the standard for ‘practicing what she preaches’ and lives by the same health guidelines she sets up for her patients.

If you want to discuss a weight loss program with Dr. Butner, receive an acupuncture or cupping treatment, are interested in balancing your hormones, or just want to take more control over your health, give her a call today!