Flatiron Women's Health Doctor

Your hormones are responsible for the correct and healthy functioning of so many of your body's functions. When your body is producing hormones efficiently and in the proper amounts, everything seems to run smoothly, and you most likely do not give much thought to them. But when that is not the case, there are various symptoms and consequences that can result. This is true for both men and women, but with regard to women's health, in addition to the possibility of a disease or disorder causing problems, there are specific things that only affect females, and here at Dr. Lana Wellness, you can depend on the expertise and experience of our Tribeca women's health doctor, Dr. Butner, in addressing them properly.

From the time a woman reaches puberty, and continuing onward, hormonal balance is key to well-being. The effects of menstruation, such as PMS, as well as those of menopause later on, create a series of challenges that are unique for women. When those concerns are then compounded by life issues such as being overworked and over stressed, it doesn't take long before the impact becomes obvious. Our Flatiron women's health doctor is dedicated to helping you to restore and then maintain your ideal hormonal balance. When your hormones are off it manifests in different ways, like being fatigued, having anxiety, infertility, acne, as well as weight gain and even difficulty losing weight. Poor eating habits and lack of sleep can lend itself to greater hormonal imbalance, and even worsening side effects. The good news is that you can regain control, with our Flatiron women's health doctor as your partner and guide.

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