Tribeca Naturopathic Doctor

As a Naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist, I am inadvertently a self-proclaimed “healthaholic.” Each day I incorporate the same healthy lifestyle that I suggests to my patients. My goal is to help you be your best self, feeling great and looking your best with energy to spare and approaching life with a positive mindset. Healthy nutrition and organic ingredients, along with exercise and quality supplementation are crucial to feeling optimal. Additionally, a healthy work-life balance, adequate “Me Time” and fulfilling relationships with family and friends are all priorities that I also encourage my patients to incorporate into their daily routines. Working as your partner in health, we will uncover the root causes of your current conditions or illnesses and work together to eliminate any obstacles that may hinder your journey towards being your best self.

By being trained in western medicine as a naturopathic doctor and in eastern medicine as an acupuncturist i, I am able to offer a unique set of services to help create and maintain optimum health.  Naturopathy looks at every aspect of your life, from diet, sleep, stress, digestion and lifestyle practices to determine what changes can be implemented to optimize your health. Nutritional consultation and dietary habits are an important part of this discovery, and when indicated, supplementation and/or botanical medicine are recommended. Individualized weight loss programs and safe detoxification protocols are monitored and implemented often. Stress reduction methods and ways to improve sleep habits are discussed. Hormone rebalancing is an essential part of good health and I work to find a homeostatic balance with my patients via with natural hormones. And when it is indicated, supplementation and/or botanical medicine are recommended.

Not only do I offer those naturopathic services, but my practice also includes a full complement of Traditional Chinese Medicine protocols. Acupuncture is performed to unblock stagnant energy which is believed to be the root cause of all disease. Another modality known as cupping is used to increase lymphatic drainage and promote detoxification, as well by increasing blood flow to problematic areas. Cupping therapy is fantastic for combating sports injuries, stiffness, muscular pain and inflammation, respiratory illnesses, and even seasonal allergies.  The increase in blood and lymphatic flow can also promote a sense of calm, making cupping an excellent alternative for anxiety and sleep issues as well. Gua Sha is another Traditional Chinese Medicine technique, wherein methodical scraping of the muscles is used to address pain, inflammation and pathogenic heat in specific areas. By increasing blood flow, the body will then redirect it’s qi (energy) to the proper balanced state. Also an integral part of TCM is moxibustion, which is the burning of a traditional Chinese herb, whos therapeutic warmth is praised as an excellent adjunct for conditions related to inflammation, muscular pain, sluggish circulation, and women’s health conditions, such as PMS, ovarian fibroids and fertility issues. For a comprehensive physical examination and care that supports a natural lifestyle, give Dr. Lana Wellness a call today.