Chelsea Holistic Health Practitioner

 As a self-described 'healthoholic', this Chelsea holistic health practitioner personifies what she preaches. Dr. Lana Butner lives each day incorporating the same healthy lifestyle that she suggests to her patients. Her goal is to help you be your best self, feeling great and looking your best with energy to spare and approaching life with a positive mindset. Healthy nutrition and organic ingredients, along with exercise and quality supplementation are crucial to feeling optimal. Additionally, a healthy work-life balance, adequate “Me Time” and fulfilling relationships with family and friends are all priorities that she also encourages her patients to incorporate into their daily routines. Working as your partner in health, she will uncover the root causes of your current conditions or illnesses and work with you to eliminate any obstacles that may hinder your journey towards being your best self. Her care also includes traditional Chinese medicine using acupuncture and cupping.

Cupping is an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine practices of this Chelsea holistic health practitioner.  This ancient art uses glass cups and a flame to create a vacuum. A reverse suction is applied to the skin’s surface, allowing for increased lymphatic drainage and detoxification to occur, as well as an increase in blood flow to problematic areas. The cups can be removed quickly or kept in place, depending on the desired effect. This therapy is fantastic for combating sports injuries, stiffness, muscular pain and inflammation, respiratory illnesses, and even seasonal allergies.  The increase in blood circulation and lymphatic flow can also promote a sense of calm, making cupping an excellent alternative for anxiety and sleep issues as well. The side effects are limited to cosmetic where the outline and configuration of the cups may be seen on the skin. This usually means that the treatment is effective. The impression gradually fades and leaves no permanent discoloration or impressions.

 The unique services of this Chelsea holistic health practitioner include a full complement of traditional Chinese medicine protocols. Acupuncture is performed to unblock stagnated energy which is believed to cause dis-ease. Gua Sha is a technique that uses methodical scraping to address pain, inflammation and pathogenic heat in specific areas. By increasing circulation, the body will then redirect it’s qi (energy) to a proper balanced state. Also an integral part of TCM is moxibustion. The therapeutic warmth that comes from burning this traditional Chinese herb is an excellent adjunct for conditions related to inflammation, muscular pain, sluggish circulation, and women’s health conditions, such as PMS, ovarian fibroids and fertility issues. For a comprehensive physical examination and care that supports a natural lifestyle, give Dr. Butner a call today.