Prior to your initial appointment, you will fill out a detailed intake form that includes questions about your past medical history, pertinent family medical history, any medications or supplements you are currently on, as well as your current lifestyle, dietary habits and stress levels. Initial appointments will run up to 1 hour. Please bring either in person or in writing a list of supplements or medications that you are currently taking, so that we can review them at the appointment.


Follow Up Appointment

We will follow your progress, address any new issues or continuing concerns and modify your wellness plan as needed.



Services Include:


Balance Your Body and Alleviate Pain

Acupuncture is a time-honored therapy with many health benefits. Traditional Chinese Medicine aims to rebalance the qi (“chee”), or human energy, by restoring proper energy flow throughout the body. Conditions treated with acupuncture include but are not limited to physical pain, sports injuries, anxiety and depression, insomnia, headaches, allergies, menstrual issues and even the common cold.

Acupuncture Facial

brighten & tone WITH a non-invasive Face lift

Treat yourself by brightening and tightening your complexion in the most natural and relaxing way. Delicate acupuncture needles are inserted at specific points to help promote the proper flow of Qi throughout the face, neck and décolletage so that you feel and look like your best self. This is an excellent option for those who do not want to commit to fillers, but it also helps to promote the longevity from botox snd other fillers. Cupping, Gua Sha and Rose Quartz facial rollers are also included in the treatment.



Cupping is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. A reverse suction is applied to the skin’s surface, allowing for increased lymphatic drainage and detoxification to occur, as well as an increase in blood flow to problematic areas. This therapy is fantastic for combating sports injuries, stiffness, muscular pain and inflammation, respiratory illnesses, and even seasonal allergies.  The increase in blood and lymphatic flow can also promote a sense of calm, making cupping an excellent alternative for anxiety and sleep issues as well.

Gua Sha


Gua Sha is a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique using methodical scraping to address pain, inflammation and pathogenic heat in specific areas. By increasing blood flow, the body will then redirect it’s qi (“chee”) to its proper balanced state.




The therapeutic warmth that comes from burning this Traditional Chinese herb is an excellent adjunct for conditions related to inflammation, muscular pain, sluggish circulation, and women’s health conditions, such as PMS, ovarian fibroids and fertility issues.



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